Wild Herb Infused Smoothing Salve | Wild Nettles + Tamanu

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Wild Nettles + Tamanu is a waterless, concentrated wild herb infused salve that starts with a slow maceration of wildcrafted nettles in a soothing blend of virgin tamanu, cloudberry, unrefined hemp and olive oils blended with tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate vitamin C and coenzyme Q10 to smooth and plump the skin while delivering a powerful punch of chlorophyll-rich wild nettles to improve skin texture over time. 

Our wildcrafted plants are carefully gathered from the wilds of Newfoundland and macerated with raw, organic plant and nut oils to create a supercharged, antioxidant-rich skin balm to transform dry, irritated skin to calm and clear.

This product is very concentrated - a little bit goes a long way.