Oil-to-Milk Cleansing Oil | Wild Yarrow + Labrador Tea

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Wild Yarrow + Labrador Tea cleansing oil features wildcrafted yarrow and Labrador tea botanicals slowly infused with organic raspberry, moringa, and sea buckthorn oils and wild extracts of yarrow, Labrador tea, sea buckthorn, and raspberry.

With a delightful oil-to-milk formula, it washes away cleanly, to reveal clean, dewy skin.

Wild yarrow acts to tightens skin as a natural astringent, shrinking the appearance of pores and reducing acne. It works synergistically with wild Labrador tea to control the production of free-radicals and stop damage before it starts.

Our wild botanicals are mindfully foraged by hand from the edge of the earth far from the pollutants of cities.

The result is a supercharged cleanser that soothes and protects.