Newfoundland Stamps 8x10

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"Growing up in a house with a collector was a lot of fun.  My dad pretty much collected everything, hockey cards, coins, pewter figures, McDonalds toys, Star Wars memorabilia, and on and on and on.  His favourite collection seemed to be his stamps though. Potentially because I think they were probably the first thing he started collecting as a kid.  He had stamps from all over the world, but of the thousand that were in the house his Newfoundland stamps always seemed to be his pride and joy.  

My Dad inspired me to create this print with modern renditions of many classic Newfoundland stamps.  He passed back in 2019 and the two things that were passed down to me were his guitar and his collection of Newfoundland stamps, which I'll have forever."  - Jud Haynes

This 8x10 print designed by Jud Haynes is a modern take on a piece of Newfoundland history; its stamps.  Each stamp in the illustration represents actual, classic Newfoundland stamps, with their look is updated to suit Jud Haynes' illustration style.