Mushroom Tinctures

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This listing is for three 2 OZ / 60 ml bottles (30 day supply) of wild-foraged, dual-extracted Reishi Tincture, Chaga Tincture and Turkey Tail Tincture. These Tincture are shelf stable for up to 5 years. All wild mushrooms were sustainably harvested in the Northern Ontario/ Newfoundland regions of Canada during the Summer and winter of 2021. All medicinal mushrooms used were harvested by me from mature fruiting bodies and are of the highest quality.

For explanations on the benefits/ historical use of each type of mushroom please do your own research.

***Please note that this product is intended for general use. If you are consuming this for medical reasons please do your own research and consult your physician for potential risks and drug interactions.***

Your mushroom tinctures will come packaged in 100% omnidegradable/ biodegradable packaging (zipper pouch, bubble mailer or cardboard box). We at Brother Birch aim to reduce our plastic footprint by using High Barrier storage bags / boxes that are completely compostable. Our bags retain all the protective properties of traditional plastics, but when placed in the compost or garbage will attract microbes that degrade them into CO2, water and organic bio-mass which is beneficial to plant growth.