Fogo - My Favourite Corner of the Earth

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In the book Fogo - My Favourite Corner of the Earth, by local Gander author and illustrator Dawn Baker, we meet Keith from Fogo Island.  Keith is an aspiring young artist from Fogo, so when he notices artists around his community painting the picturesque scenery, he becomes quite intrigued.  One day he comes home to find his mother having tea with one of the artists he's seen around their community, and from there a bond is formed and Keith is invited to come and paint with the artist.  By the end of the summer, the artist tells Keith that she has a very special piece that she's been working on that features her biggest inspiration of the summer... and it turns out to be Keith himself!  Keith is blown away that he has been as much an inspiration to her as his picturesque favourite corner of the earth!

By Dawn Baker