Flower and Stone Remedies

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Flower essences support the nervous system to relax and open to what is here to be seen and felt. When difficult mental and emotional patterns can be experienced in the light of awareness, a more permanent sense of well being has the possibility to take root.

The story of humanity has emerged from the plants and minerals of this earth. Flowers are our deep-time ancestors, very much still alive within us and around us. When we are able to attune with them, we have the possibility to restore access to our own ancient cosmic wisdom, our home, our bodies, and our unique human purpose at this time on earth. The flowers that come from Fogo Island are invocations from the subtle realms of spirit on this beautiful and resilient island, offering wisdom, balance, and harmony for all beings.

Healing begins by simply beholding the flower, even through its image and information. Taking the actual remedy enhances the effects and the intimate relationship that is possible over time with them.

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