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Welcome to Crat-ive Gifts!

The last few years have definitely made an impact on all of us! My life, as a result, has taken unexpected changes in direction in a great way. I never pictured myself or had any goals to become an entrepreneur but then the thought randomly entered my head one day to open a business. Then, that’s all I could think about. I had numerous sleepless nights, having so many ideas running through my head.

With the pandemic, society changed as a whole and priorities were adjusted. There have been a lot of positives to pull from those struggling times. Consumers have a huge focus on shopping local, they want to repurpose what they buy and people are always looking for convenience.

This is why I decided to repurpose wood and make use of them to make the crates your gifts are in! Newfoundland is such a special place and highlighting that in my business is a way to bring the joy and unique culture of our province to every gift box.

My other goal was to put smiles on faces. It may sound corny but I really want to feel good about what I do every day. Putting this business together has been fun, exhausting and worth it! I love becoming a local business that supports other local businesses.