Cobb's Pond Postcard

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This is a beautiful image of Cobb's Pond at night. This is a popular walking trail here in the Town of Gander.  Many people walk here with their pets, and it's not unusual to see wild animals there either. The water is often calm and on nice days, especially in the falls once the trees change colour, there is really no better place to walk. Fun fact:  before Gander even existed, the location of Cobb's Pond was actually a logging camp called Hattie's Camp, and it was stationed on Milepost 213 of the Newfoundland railway (back when Newfoundland had a train).  All of this eventually lead to Gander being discovered and incorporated as a community.

Designed by the Town of Gander, captured by local photographer, Walt Gill featuring Cobb’s Pond at dusk.