Chaga Chunks

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Chaga, the King of Medicinal Mushrooms, has been used in Russia as far back as the 12th-century. Cree healers call it posahkan or wiskakecak omikih. As the story goes, Wisakecak is a mythological character threw a scab, which he had mistaken for dried meat against a birch tree. To this day, it remains on the tree to benefit mankind. The Cree also used the sweet-smelling fungus as an incense and carried it as tinder for starting fires.

Chaga extract is one of the highest sources of antioxidants in the world.

For benefits for consuming chaga please do your own research.

This listing is for 100% organic, wild-foraged, Canadian Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus) chunks picked in Newfoundland & Ontario regions of Canada during the Winter of 2022. All Chaga were sustainably harvested by me from mature specimens and are of the highest quality. Dehydrated chaga has been stored since harvesting in air-tight mason jars with desiccation packs for optimum freshness and shelf-life.

***Please note that this product is intended for general use. If you are consuming this for medical reasons please do your own research and consult your physician for potential risks and drug interactions.***

Your Chaga chunks will come packaged in 100% omnidegradable/ biodegradable packaging (both zipper pouch and bubble mailer/ box). We at Brother Birch aim to reduce our plastic footprint by using High Barrier storage bags that are completely compostable. Our bags retain all the protective properties of traditional plastics, but when placed in the compost or garbage will attract microbes that degrade them into CO2, water and organic bio-mass which is beneficial to plant growth.