Box of Chocolate Newfoundland Series

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15 piece boxes | 200g

Quiet Cove

The Quiet Cove Series presents our very finest milk chocolate selection with an assortment of centres including berries, nuts, caramels and more. Each chocolate is artisan crafted using pure, simple and delicious local ingredients. This series is dedicated to the resilient, beautiful and charming communities dotting the coastline and bays of Newfoundland and Labrador. Places which grew from such humble beginnings - a stage, a church, a smattering of saltbox houses - but which have persisted over centuries. We're not just from these places... we belong to them. They are both heartland and home.

Smiling Land

The Smiling Land Series features our very finest berry chocolate selection with an assortment of milk, dark and some white chocolates. Each chocolate is artisan crafted using pure, simple and delicious local ingredients. 
This series is dedicated to Newfoundland's remarkable natural beauty: its crashing surf, snow-capped mountains, lush green valleys, deep forests and breathtaking vistas of land and sea. We've proudly borrowed the name of this series from Newfoundland's anthem, the Ode to Newfoundland.



The Explorer Series features our very finest selection of decadent nut and caramel chocolates. Each is artisan crafted with pure, simple and delicious local ingredients.
The Explorer Series is our dedication to the bold adventurers who charted the wild waters and mapped the rugged new founde lande of North America's eastern edge.

Jigs N Reels

The Jigs n' Reels Series features our very finest milk, dark and white chocolate assortment with an array of centres including berries, nuts and caramels. Each is artisan crafted with pure, simple and delicious local ingredients.
This series is our melodic tribute to the music of Newfoundland. To some songs we sing, to others we dance and to a few, we shed a tear. Together they create the soundtrack of Newfoundland's story.