Bioactive Botanical Concentrates

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Supernatural is definitely not your average face oil!

It starts with a slow maceration of organic, unrefined rosehip oil and wild rosehips and fireweed, hand-foraged from Newfoundland's wild coasts. Formulated to naturally knock out dark spots and fine lines while restoring skin's luminosity.

Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone calms and soothes redness to visibly clarify the skin and protect it from everyday stressors and environmental toxins. 

Wild Yarrow + Labrador Tea

Wild Yarrow + Labrador Tea Bioactive Botanical Concentrate features wildcrafted yarrow and Labrador tea botanicals slowly infused with cranberry and chia seed oils. Slightly spicy essential oils of yarrow and Labrador tea act synergistically to smooth and brighten. 

Wild yarrow acts to tightens skin as a natural astringent, shrinking the appearance of pores and reducing acne. It works synergistically with wild Labrador tea to control the production of free-radicals and stop damage before it starts.

Our wild botanicals are mindfully foraged by hand from the edge of the earth far from the pollutants of cities. 

The result is a supercharged concentrate that heals and shrinks pores while giving skin a dewy, glowy look and feel.