Activated Charcoal Deodorant | Blue Tansy + Frankincense

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Healthy sweating and healthy underarm skin can coexist! Our unique body heat activated formula glides on smoothly, won't stain shirts, and protects all day long.

Safely eliminate odours using wildcrafted active ingredients that offer maximum potency and protection without aluminum or its derivatives. Wildcrafted usnea and activated charcoal are the antibacterial superstars in this formulation, and they get stink-busting help from magnesium, zinc, St. John’s wort, and raw coconut oil. Olive squalane is the first ingredient and is supported by niacinamide-rich chanterelle mushrooms – because your underarm skin deserves as much love as your face.

Made with East Coast Glow’s Blue Tansy + Frankincense essential oil blend to encourage a sense of wellbeing that will follow you throughout the whole day.